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Souls Journey Astrology

SJA required a logo and identity for their new business providing astrology information, readings and possibly in future, coaching services.



Logo, branding and social

media design


Souls Journey




gridded design.png

The client required a brand identity that could visually communicate her astrology and spiritual content themes, whilst steering away from anything that fed into the 'stigma' of astrology readings being fortune

telling or mystical. The new brand allows space for content to feel more educational, inviting those curious about astrology to learn more, but also remains appealing to those already interested in chart readings.

The Logo

The ouroboros is an ancient symbol that depicts a serpent eating its own tail in a circle, often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Inspired by this I created a looping serpent encapsulating these themes of life's journey, interconnectivity and the cycle of life.

business cards.png

Lucy Taylor, Founder of SJA

"Sophie was a pleasure to work with for the logo and brand design of my new astrology business launch (Souls Journey). From the first conversations she was very attentive in understanding the needs of the business and helping me to get clear with my vision. Sophie took my suggestions to create inspired designs and was great at understanding my feedback and critiques through the development stages. I really appreciated her dedication to creating an end product that I felt excited and passionate about.


Sophie was very helpful in providing guidance and suggestions on any design details I was unsure about and her attention to detail and knowledge was very valuable when it came to ensuring brand consistency and discussing the future potential of the brand (for example merchandise). She left me with a useful and easy to understand brand guidelines document for content creation and any future design work, leaving me feeling empowered and excited to share my astrology services and knowledge with the world in a beautifully presented and professional way!"

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