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A commercial and community waste management firm with a mission: to raise awareness about and encourage responsible waste management.


Logo design & branding





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Pluck's mission is to act as a responsible waste management provider that not only provides disposal services, but also supports UK communities towards more sustainable household waste and recycling habits.

To meet this brief, strong statement headings with a touch of humour were used. Adding personality to this brand was the solution to the problem: how do you encourage people to pay attention to the good Pluck is looking to do?

The Logo

The logo design was inspired by the personality of Pluck - a combination of the recycling triangle, a three blade wind turbine, and nature (leaves).

This icon works as a clear symbol of what Pluck represents. Paired with a friendly, customised typeface to make the brand feel more approachable.

One logo variation was produced (Pluck+) which would be presented on black backgrounds to promote Pluck's business waste services.


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