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Image by Mauricio Sabino

Escape with us

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Image by Mauricio Sabino

"Ethically Sourced Happiness"

About Organica

Organica supplies ethically sourced, deliciously sustainable coffee to business owners. Whether you own a cosy cafe or towering hotel, Organica would love to be your coffee provider of choice.

Want to take Organica home with you? Truly escape from the rush of the world with our fresh coffee subscription service, only available from our website.

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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Escape with Organica


To create a logo which highlighted Organica as an ethical and sustainable coffee supplier. Something which could work across versatile colours for future flavours that could be developed.


A bold logo that stands out on branded items and against varying colour schemes. Designed to work well with earthy colour tones inspired from the rainforests of Brazil.

cup mockup organica.jpg
Organica Realistic Business Cards MockUp
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