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Finding You

A boutique recruitment and career management firm that helps clients for the long term, from hiring to supporting ongoing training and development.


Logo and branding


Finding You




Finding You wished to cut through the noise in their industry and position themselves as a recruitment firm with a difference. They work with their clients in a more tailored approach, ensuring any new hires are the perfect fit

and supporting them with their ongoing career development to encourage happier employee's, longer term employee retention, and more success (as happier employee's deliver happier service).

To support this goal, the branding needed to invoke trust whilst feeling positive, approachable and uplifting. This was achieved by using warm, glowing colours, friendly typography, and by adding character with illustrations.


The inspiration behind the logo was to combine two styles, one being almost calligraphic in style and the other clean and minimal. The calligraphic style came from the idea of finding yourself and the work that truly resonates with you, much like starting a new chapter in your own story. So, like those fairy-tale books, the first letter of each word has been beautifully scripted, inviting you to start your story with Finding You. 

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