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About Fabrilis

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Fabrilis (which is the Latin word for carpentry) provides specialist home building services for private and corporate customers in Scotland.


As a team of highly skilled joiners and builders, Fabrilis are particularly talented at taking old traditional buildings and modernising them whilst keeping all of the original features.

Image by Blaz Erzetic
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  • Logo Design

Fabrilis' founders were looking for a new logo personalised to their business and company name.

They wanted a subtle reference to Scotland within their logo, and something that connected to their specialism.


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An elegant logo design inspired by the architecture of Scotland. ​

Influences throughout time on the Scottish landscape include feudalism wooden structures, stone castles, tower houses, medieval, romanesque, gothic and more. All of which are alluded to within this logo representing specialist builders and joiners who modernise the traditional, keeping the beauty of the history and original features.

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Image by Patrick Fore
"We are so happy with our logo Sophie. We can't thank you enough for all your effort."
Instagram comment from @fabrilisscotland
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